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A.K.Mishra is a graduate in


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Aseem Singhal is a Mechanical Engineer and has an MBA from Tulane University, USA. Worked for nine years as a Banker and has wide expertise in Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions and Project Financing. He has been a Director of eGateway India Pvt. Ltd. for the last 12 years and is engaged in interfacing with Government/Statutory bodies and advising on regulatory compliance, Environmental requirements including Renewable Energy and Carbon credits. He has developed Green field Power Plants in India with aggregate capacity of more than 3000MW. He has also been developing ‘green’ Projects for manufacture of ethanol from agricultural waste, plastic & rubber waste recycling to produce value added products including automotive fuels, both in India and Africa. He is based at Delhi presently and has travelled extensively.


R.P. Gupta

Director (Technical)

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R.P.Gupta is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) of 1961 Batch. He carries experience of more than four decades with BHEL and the Power industry. He has headed a Project Engineering Management division of BHEL dealing with various Thermal Power Plant Projects ranging from 120MW-500MW Unit size. He was also a Core Team member for finalizing technical collaboration between BHEL and SIEMENS on Combined Cycle Gas-based Projects of higher capacity. He carries wide experience in engineering and contracts including technical expertise in both Subcritical and Supercritical Power Plants. He also carries varied experience in a host of Projects in India from Project conception to Commissioning along with a few Projects in Libya, Malta and Cyprus, handling EPC contracts, managing plant operations and renovation & modernization of existing Plants. Presently, he is the Director (Technical) of eGateway India Pvt. Ltd. for the last 10 years, having advised more than 8000MW of Project capacities in the Country to various large Business houses in a technical & engineering role. He is based at Delhi presently and has travelled extensively and had interactions with all reputed Engineering Consultants, both in India and abroad.


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Ramchandra Chitale is a Civil

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